Produced in the heart of cheese country, our award-winning cheese is internationally recognized. American-style cheeses are made at six dairy farmer-owned plants in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. At our Hoven, S.D., facility, veteran cheesemakers produce Hard Italian cheeses. Our offerings include a variety of flavors and cuts for foodservice and retail customers, detailed below.

How do we make great cheese? Take a look!



Foodservice and deli customers choose from our extensive line of Processed American cheese.
Slice counts:  72, 120, 160, 184, 200
Configuration:  Loaf, Ribbon, Vertical, Pullman
Varieties:  American, American/Swiss, American Cheese Product,
     Pepper Jack (loaf only)



Shredded cheese is packaged to meet the demands of today’s foodservice users.
Styles:  Feather, Fancy, Fine Fancy
Weight:  5 lb
Varieties: Cheddar (Mild and Sharp), Cheddar Jack, Colby Jack,
     Monterey Jack, Mozzarella and other blended shreds  



Foodservice and deli customers prefer exact-weight prints in specific sizes and flavors.
Weights:  5 lb, 10 lb
Varieties: Cheddar (Mild, Medium, Sharp, Extra sharp),
     Colby, Colby Jack, Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack


Click here for a printable pdf version of the cheese options we have available.
AMPI cheese is available for wholesale and bulk purchases. Individuals can purchase AMPI cheese at division office retail store locations. For more information, please contact the AMPI marketing department at 507-354-8295.

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